• What Do Call Center Employees Need in a Plantronics Headset?

    Call center employees use a lot of tools to help meet the needs of their customers. One of the primary tools is a headset. Plantronics headsets allow customer service agents to address the needs of their customers and communicate clearly, so no misinterpretations occur. Sometimes, employees find it difficult to choose a headset that offers all the features they need. Thankfully, this company offers the best models, with user-friendly features that make wearing and using these headsets enjoyable.


    What Features Do Call Center Employees Need?


    Anything that can make a person's job easier is worth the purchase. Plantronics Headsets offer a wide range of models and features that can be suited to the various duties of a call center employee. The following are some of the most important features customer service agents should look for when purchasing a new headset.




    Having a wireless headset is essential while working as a customer service representative. Plantronics wireless headsets offer agents the freedom to move around as they perform their job duties and talk to customers. Those who switch from wired to wireless find their jobs are easier to perform.


    Noise Cancellation


    No matter the call center, there is always going to be background noise that needs to be eliminated so the customer does not hear it and it does not interfere with communication. Thankfully, many headsets come with noise cancellation features that can filter out background noises and allow for clearer communication.


    Static Protection


    Some headsets can experience interference from radio frequencies when in use. When there is interference, individuals using these headsets will find a lot of loud static that will develop on the line. It is important to choose a headset that offers protection against static interference.




    No matter how many useful features a headset may offer, if it is not comfortable, call center employees are not going to want to use it on the job. It is important to choose a headset that is ergonomically designed. It should be padded in all the right places and offer a secure, yet comfortable fit.


    Choose the Right Headset Today


    Headsets Direct Inc. is an Authorized Poly Partner. Here, you can find a wide array of headset models to choose from. They offer the best prices and a selection that will ensure you can find the one that will work best. With the right call center headset, employees will be able to conduct their job duties more effectively.